Sites Available

Sites available

Many sites are currently available. The 1,000-acre property can reasonably be configured to suit prospective tenants’ needs. As tenants locate at the park, this flexibility will be more limited, but the majority of the park is planned for sites 75 acres or larger. The master planning process has anticipated 5 sites of that size can be developed. Minimum lot size is 2 acres.

The park has been certified (in 2016) by the Commonwealth of Virginia's Virginia Business Ready Sites Program as a Tier 4 property, which means "all infrastructure is in place or will be deliverable within one year and all permit issues have been identified or quantified."

The park has also been certified (in 2015) by the American Electric Power's Quality Site Program as a Large Park. This designation certain criteria have been met indicating a readyness for industrial development. Strengths of the park identified by the program evaluators include

  • A variety of lot sizes - 16 acres to 121 acres - available
  • An existing tenant - Red Sun Farms - in the park
  • All utilities present
  • The park is 3.5 miles from Interstate-81 with access via Virginia Route 100 - a four-lane highway.

Details about AEP's certification can be found at their website.