Incentives and Programs

Local incentives

NRV Commerce Park parcels can be leased long-term at no cost.

Local grant incentives are available and are estimated based on property tax levies for the first seven years of operation. Property taxes are levied on machinery and tools, real estate and business personal property.

The property is an Enterprise Zone which can provide for water –sewer connection fee waivers and expedited permitting.

Water and sewer discounts are available as partial waivers of the industrial surcharge fee.

Commonwealth of Virginia Incentives:

  1. Enterprise Zone Job Creation Grants – up to $4,000 per job
  2. Enterprise Zone Real Property Investment – grant up to $200,000
  3. On the job training funding through the New River Valley / Mount Rogers Workforce Investment Board, with up to fifty percent of the cost of employee wages during training, as well as pre-employment training, reimbursed.
  4. Train the trainer assistance, through the Virginia Jobs Investment Program of the Virginia Department of Business Assistance, delivered through the Virginia Community College System. New River Community College’s main campus is two miles from the site.
  5. Access Road Improvements to the site available through Virginia Department of Transportation Economic Development Access Program
  6. Governor’s Opportunity Fund grant, discretionary assistance
  7. Export trade incentives, including
    • $50 per TEU port volume increase tax credit
    • $3,000 per job international trade facility tax credit
    • $25 per TEU barge and rail usage tax credit

 State level incentives are described in detail in Virginia Guide to Business Incentives. See: